Brighton Marina Driving Lessons

What Driving Lessons Should Be About

Driving lessons Brighton and Hove in my view, should be:

  • Developing a positive attitude towards the driving task, other road users and the associated risks.
  • Learning something about driving from a structured experience.
  • Having fun!.

Learning to drive is an easy process but I think that it has been made too complicated by a system that is too rigid to meet the individual needs of different people.
Whilst I do agree to have a framework within which different subjects are understood, I believe that a much higher flexibility is needed in how and when those subjects are chosen, explored, practiced and mastered.

My aim was to develop a method that could allow every learner to express their ideas without fear of being judged, think and discuss about solutions and try them out in a safe, controlled environment.
Either you choose a traditional driving course, a semi intensive or an intensive driving course you can rest assured that the same principles will be adhered to.

To keep things as simple as possible I have found useful to identify four stages of learning, with the third and fourth stages often overlapping.

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