The car you will drive during your training, a brand new and very easy to drive Ford Fiesta, is equipped with a Roadhawk in-car camera which records your drive on a SD memory card.

The benefit of such a system, which is unique in the Brighton area, is that if a complex situation arises or if something has been missed during the drive, it can be played back and viewed in a matter of seconds. This ensures that no grey areas are left behind and provides a powerful learning tool.

It is surprising how a real picture is different from the one made by our brain!

Here are a few of the possible applications of this system to help you visualise and understand better a variety of driving conditions.

  • Road scanning
  • Mock test review: extremely important because it will feature actual test routes
  • The use of the “limit point”, vital to safely negotiate bends and hills on country roads
  • Road positioning and where to look to maintain a correct driving position on the road
  • Separation distance and how to make sense of the 2 second rule
  • Roundabout “mechanic” and how to judge a safe gap to pull in
  • Difficult junctions
  • Meeting traffic and the use of gaps
  • High speed dual carriageway: joining, progressing and leaving

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