Alice Ford-Senior from Brighton

AliceI couldn’t recommend Fabio enough as a driving instructor. I passed my test today, first time and I definitely couldn’t have done it without his dedication, effort and expertise. He was always very patient and spent time making sure I was as close to perfect as I could get, to ensure I was fully prepared for the test (both theory and practical). If this meant we did something many times, we did! I learned at a pace which suited me and was productive in my development. He allowed me to gain confidence despite being a nervous driver who didn’t find the idea of driving much fun initially! I now feel mostly confident at the wheel and I can’t thank him enough for all the time he spent ensuring I was ready to be an independent driver. My recommendation is to get on his waiting list and be patient, his ways of teaching and explaining are wonderful and clarified a lot of things for me, and therefore worth the wait. Thank you!

Nick Evans from Brighton

NickPassed my test yesterday!!! Fabio is an amazing driving instructor. I e-mailed him explaining I was an older student – and had some reservations and nerves about driving – and he was very supportive and helpful from day 1. He is very patient, and he gave me the confidence to push myself in our lessons – whilst making sure to go at a pace I felt comfortable with. He instinctively knows when it’s time to move on to something else and I was amazed at the speed I progressed under his instruction. Aside from the teaching, Fabio is a super friendly and really easy to get along with. He made me feel relaxed from the first lesson! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. Thanks so much.

Nathaniel Njie from Brighton

NathanielWhere do I even start? when I think back to when I first started taking lessons with Fabio compared to where I am today having passed my test on the first go, it makes me appreciate all the time and effort he put in to make sure I learnt to drive using the best practices. I remember when I was first introduced to Fabio, I instantly had a good feeling about him as he is a very friendly guy with an engaging personality. This, coupled with his driving expertise, made the whole process of learning under him a positive experience and one I would highly recommend. As many people know, driving for the first time can be nerve-wracking and a bit overwhelming but Fabio made me feel at ease pretty quickly. He lets you learn at your own pace and in a way that’s most conducive to your development, guiding you as you progress until you’re ready for you test, and trust me when that time comes you’ll be as best prepared as possible. Fabio is honestly the best instructor I could have asked for and I can’t say enough good things, Grazie Fabio!

Mackenzie Aizlewood from Saltdean

MackenzieAbsolutely wonderful driving lessons from Fabio and I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn. I passed my test the first time which was down to Fabio’s patience and persistence in making sure my understanding and technique were spot on. Being a bit of a nervous learner I was put at ease by Fabio’s calm demeanour and reassurance and each week my improvement gave me more confidence. All the manoeuvres were practiced until I was comfortable and we would go over anything that I was not sure of. I really want to thank Fabio for teaching me to drive as his expertise was second to none.

Robin Dunford from Brighton

RobinI passed my test first time yesterday. Fabio was a great instructor – the lessons were relaxed and enjoyable. He was great at explaining things, and made sure I was completely prepared for the test, with lots of experience of driving around the area where it takes place. The process of starting was really simple – I just joined the waiting list and started as soon as a time became available. If you are looking for an instructor I’d recommend doing the same – I couldn’t recommend him highly enough

Colomba Di Guida from Brighton

ColombaFirst of all, I’d like to thank you Fabio for being such a good instructor. He has been really patient and understanding.
When I started my lessons I was a beginner (I did not know which one was the clutch) and now I can drive around without hesitation. For those who are reading this review, if you contact Fabio and he says that he has a waiting list, do not let this stop yourself to start with him. If you do not have the necessity to start immediately, the waiting will not be so long. Time goes so fast that you don’t realise and one day Fabio is going to contact you to start.

Libby Dias from Brighton

libbyFabio is an awesome instructor! He is very calm and funny and makes you at ease on the road. This is great because I can be quite nervous while driving. He tells you exactly what you need to improve on and how to do it and also has lots of useful tips and reference points to use on the road. Thanks Fabio, for helping me pass first time with 3 minors!

Jim Dereas from Brighton

Jim dereasIncredible teacher, Fabio was patient and kind, he taught everything in very high standard. It was an amazing experience i drove in many places (Brighton & Hove, Worthing, Burgess Hill, up to Gatwick ) to widen my horizon. I recommend Brighton Marina Driving to anyone wanting to get on the road. Happy with my first time passing!!

Joe Cartwright from Brighton

joe 1I chose to take my driving lessons in Brighton with Fabio at Brighton Marina Driving Lessons and was obviously extremely pleased with my first-time pass!

I found Fabio to be a highly competent instructor on a professional level but easy-going and friendly on a personal level. This made the whole process a relaxed experience, which is precisely what you need when learning to do something that can be stressful for some people.

All aspects of driving were taught at a steady pace, gradually moving from one to the next only when I felt completely ready. Fabio’s explanations were easy to understand and made even the most complicated manoeuvres very easy to pick up. He has great knowledge of the possible test routes, which removed any chance of an unpleasant surprise on the Big Day!

Every class was well-organised and the SMS reminders on the day before each lesson were highly appreciated.

I would not hesitate in highly recommending Fabio and his excellent car to anyone wanting to learn to drive in and around Brighton.

Thanks again, Fabio, it was an excellent experience. I wish you all the best for the future!

Zak Pashen from Brighton

ZakI recently passed my test first time, thanks to the driving lessons in Brighton I had with Fabio at Brighton Marina Driving Lessons.

Fabio is an excellent driving instructor, upon first meeting him I had never been behind the wheel and was very nervous, but he put my mind at ease completely. Learning to drive is a stressful process, so I personally believe that the best quality a driving instructor can possess is to be able to contain that stress and even convert that into motivation, which Fabio has a knack for. Within a matter of months, I had gone from a shuddering slow start with little to no knowledge of driving or rules of the road, to complete autonomous driving.

Fabio also answered every query I asked in a manner that made sense to me. Each question I asked would also lead him to tell me the theory behind why, which is a crucial and necessary component in learning to drive. This is only one of the ways that the man will go above and beyond in helping his learners learn to drive.

The company is extremely flexible, competitively priced, and organised – even to the point where you’ll recieve lesson reminders via text. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to learn to drive in Brighton to get in contact.

Thanks for everything to Fabio and everyone at Brighton Marina Driving Lessons!

Brandon Cresdee from Brighton

BrandonI have to say that I was very apprehensive to begin driving and did put it off for a little while until I stumbled across Brighton Marina Driving School. I found the feedback regarding Fabio to put me more at ease and actually get me to begin to learn to drive. This was the best decision I could have made. Fabio is an amazing instructor! He is friendly, professional and adapts to your way of learning. I didn’t think I’d pass my test first time in a million years but today I did just that, and I really couldn’t have done it without Fabio. He doesn’t just teach you what you need to know to pass your test, he teaches you how to drive properly and gives you the confidence to drive independently. It’s difficult to put in to words how brilliant Fabio has been for me so I will simply say that I could not recommend anybody better to learn and share this journey with. I’m gonna miss our fun drives every week Cheers Fabio!

Charlotte Smyrk from Brighton

Charlotte SmyrkHaving looked at the various driving schools in and around Brighton, reading the positive testimonials and reviews, I decided that Brighton Marina Driving would be the one for me . Starting in February, I would say that I was a fairly nervous driver having read many a horror story online (not advisable to anyone looking to start) but was soon put at ease and reassured by Fabio. His expert knowledge of the roads, paired with his professionalism, friendliness and patience (quite a lot was needed as we tried to tackle some manoeuvres!), made for an excellent teacher. I couldn’t recommend Fabio enough!

Klaudia Zwolinska from Brighton

KlaudiaI have never believed that I will take any driving lesson, drive a car at all or even pass a test on the first atempt, but guess what? All that happened with Fabio and his driving school! My journey started last year in September. It was a long way to place where I am now with my test pass certificate. There were tears and laugh. Fabio is very professional and patient. He treats every student as an individual and finds a different way to teach them. I do recommend Fabio, because when you take your test with him, you know you are ready. So don’t think too long and book your lessons with Fabio! :)

Michael Malone fron Brighton

Michael Malone from BrightonFabio is a very professional and experienced instructor , his calm cool funny and very good at his job and id highly recommended him as i have done with several of my friends . After doing my research and reading the reviews about Fabio and his company i set my sights on that’s the person i want to train me he had a waiting list but i was prepared to wait. I was bit nervous and lacking confidence when i first started but Fabio has a great way of putting you at ease, increasing your confidence and teaching you not just to pass your test, but to drive properly. As a new driver I was unsure of many things but with Fabio it was easy he made feel relaxed in car and on road, his approach to teaching is second to none. The whole process and experience was fantastic; Fabio is patient, calm and friendly . I passed first time i couldnt believe it myself and with only 2 minors , I can honestly say i could not ask for a better driving instructor. He help me with the theory test by giving me access to internet help sites which he set up. For me i had to learn to be patient not to rush or beat yourself up when making a mistakes its the only way you learn. Thank you Fabio

Luke Fenelon from Brighton

LukeCould not rate Fabio highly enough. After four years without driving, I was nervous and lacking confidence, but decided it was time to try again. He has a great way of putting you at ease, increasing your confidence and teaching you not just to pass your test, but to drive properly. The whole process and experience was fantastic; Fabio is patient, calm, friendly and a talented teacher. I’m pleased to say that after three months with Fabio, I passed first time, and can honestly say you could not ask for a better driving instructor. Thanks!

Michael Wootton from Saltdean

MichaelFabio is a very professional and experienced instructor, he is without fail the best guy I could hope to learn with, his calm cool funny and very very good at his job. As a new driver I was unsure of many things but with Fabio it was easy he made feel relaxed in car and on road, his approach to teaching is second to none.
He help me with the theory test by giving me access to internet help sites which he set up and gave me passwords to. As I came close to test the day I was unsure on roundabouts, on his day off he took me out for 3hours to get it down, he also was going on holiday and managed to get me a test before he left, he would check the test dates everyday twice to make sure I got test before he left.
I cant rate him highly enough his a top bloke, great instructor and a funny guy too.
Thanks to him I look forward to driving,
Thanks Fabio take care dude.

Jessica Williams from Brighton

Jessica 2As a nervy 43 year old, which virtually nil driving experience, I think Fabio probably had his work cut with me. I was truly anxious.I think I had an outer-body experience every time I got in the car. Can this really be me driving?? But slowly, we got there. Fabio was calm and laid back, but crucially, he didn’t indulge my anxiety. We just got on with the driving. I remember those key moments: driving out of Brighton, when I suddenly realised we were driving towards the A23 roundabout… ‘Where are we going??’ ‘Burgess Hill’. ‘You ARE joking??’ ‘No. You’ll be fine’. And I was fine. Sort of. I sweated a little, and gripped the wheel so hard it hurt, but we got there. Fabio’s commitment to the prep before my driving test was extraordinary, and I passed first time. Miraculously, I drove (alone) to Dorset last week. A transformation indeed. Thank you, Fabio. Life-changing.

Piera Anna Tomasi from Brighton

Piera-compressed(3)Fabio is a very professional and experienced instructor. He is very patient and conducts his lessons according to individual needs helping learners to overcome blocks and fears. After failing three times with two previous instructors I thought I would never pass my test but luckily I successfully passed my test with Fabio. I strongly recommend him to any one – young and old!

Martin Farley from Brighton

driving lessons brightonWhen I started lessons with Brighton Marina Driving Lessons, I was a very nervous and uncomfortable driver. Fabio allowed me to learn to drive in a way and at a pace that was suitable to me. He was calm and focused and always applied the right balance of clear instruction and constructive support. I was not the easiest student, but Fabio soon got me to the point where I enjoyed driving and actually looked forward to the lessons. By the time I took my test, I felt relaxed and confident about my driving and comfortable that I could cope in any situation on the roads. And I passed first time! Something I NEVER expected! If you want to learn not just to drive, but to enjoy it, then this would be a great choice for you.

Matt Hanson from Brighton

driving lessons brightonHighly recommended. Fabio is a consummate professional, relaying his driving expertise in an accomplished and relaxed way. After first instruction over a decade ago, and my children now growing up, I decided I needed to make a second attempt. What a difference the right instructor makes! Fabio pushes you just hard enough to increase your confidence, keep you challenged while being safe.
On my test I was highly nervous, but the professional training kicked in as soon as the assessor sat in the car, and I passed with only a few minor faults. Thanks, Fabio!