Road Skills

This third stage will cover all the subjects related to road procedures and reversing manoeuvres. The choice of the subjects is very flexible and will be determined by your interest towards one topic or another, provided that it is realistic and achievable.

In this phase you will cover the various types of signal and their use, all types of junctions, pedestrian crossings, dual carriageways, country roads and lanes, independent driving, night driving, multi-storey car parks, one-way systems and the use of the sat-nav.

It might seem that there is still a lot to learn but remember that a strong foundation has been already built with the development of your car control and observation skills.

At this point you should start to realize that you have ownership of your learning and really able to design your own training and driving lessons!

The driving instructor is in charge to provide a safe and controlled environment where you can practice whichever subject you choose. You will be encouraged to try out your ideas, to self-evaluate your performance and to find your own solutions to possible problems.

Important- the use of the training aids is crucial if you want to reduce considerably the number of lessons required to cover all the topics, thus making your training cheaper but it requires a bit of home study.

This stage will overlap frequently with the fourth stage: different context.

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