Observation Skills

When your car control skills will be well developed, you will start to train your eyes. At this stage the emphasis is on the eye-hand and eye-leg coordination skills.

The driving will take place mostly on straight roads, increasing the difficulty as your ability improves and will include forward and rear observation.

By training your eyes in searching continuously for possible hazards you reduce the likelihood to “run out “of time and space to deal effectively with an event that can be easily predicted.

The in-car camera will be used to record and review the drive to highlight possible areas for improvements.

The use of the mirrors is also of the utmost importance because it literally dictates your course of actions.

The road scanning exercise is very useful if you are preparing for the hazard perception element of the theory test, you just need to substitute the click on the mouse with a mirror check.
You will learn the meaning of observation links and cross view and how this is related to a safe management of your actions.

The developing of a “hazard routine” will then flow naturally rather than applying the rigid mirror-signal-manoeuvre routine.

I do not disregard the validity of such a routine but I believe that it loses its efficacy when it is robotically executed.

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