Car Control Skills

At this stage the focus is on developing “vehicle sympathy”, that means operating all the controls in the smoothest possible way by using a coordinated sequence of movements.

You will have observed other drivers; it seems that they can drive effortlessly, without thinking of what they do with their hands and feet. This is because all these movements have become second nature after a considerable amount of practice and they have reached what it is usually called the “unconscious competence” level of learning.

You will learn how to move away, how and when to change gears, where and when and how to stop, steering in a smooth and controlled way, controlling the clutch and the use of the handbrake. Every skill will be practiced on different gradients.

You will also learn that every pedal has a variety of pressures that can be applied and they should not be considered on-off switches. You will develop progressive braking, accelerator sense and how to extend the gear changing.

Initially the safety checks will be carried out by the driving instructor, providing you a safe environment where you can “play” with the controls and get the feeling of a moving vehicle.

All in all this is what the mechanical part of driving is all about; moving off, progressing through the gears, steering, slowing down and stopping.

The safety procedures and observations will be introduced when your hands and feet are programmed to do certain actions without effort.

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