Bespoke Driving Lessons In Brighton

Your driving lessons will follow a path that will put you at the centre of the learning process, enabling you to achieve a deeper learning that will last far beyond the practical driving test.

You will discover that, under professional guidance, you can actually become your own teacher through the development of your self-evaluation skills. You will be encouraged to set your own goals and to have a problem-solving strategy that will work and keep you safe when you will drive alone.

In other words you will have ownership of your learning and be able to design your own driving lessons.

A different approach for your driving lessons

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In the words of Sir John Withmore, coaching simply enhances the natural way we learn. We learned to walk, to run, to throw, to catch, to skateboard and such with no instructions and to do so we were obliged naturally to deploy a degree of awareness and responsibility. Look at the methods of the great teachers of old, from Socrates and onwards, they were not instructors, they made us think for ourselves.

Let’s be honest, almost no one likes to be told what, how and when to do something because it takes away the pleasure to understand and discover how things work, make experiments and work out solutions.

Coaching is now being regarded as the most effective way to raise pupils’ awareness and responsibility from the very first lesson on controls and moving off, helping them to develop a more natural style of driving rather than an impersonal one that will be inevitably abandoned after passing the driving test.

The job of a driving instructor is to provide a safe, positive environment where learning can take place without the stress of being judged for doing mistakes, we all do mistakes and that is how we learn!

Unlike traditional instruction, a coaching or learner centred approach is based on an equal relationship between the learner and the trainer, so that there is no longer the “expert”.

Long gone are the days (or at least they should be) when the instructor used to say “do like this or you will fail the test!”, putting the learner in such a passive role with the only outcome to inhibit his/her personality to emerge.

When a learner is put in the active role, he/she can identify areas of improvements and methods to achieve and measure such improvements, thus taking ownership of his/her own learning.

The aim and goal of a driving lesson is therefore set by the learner who, when such a goal is achieved, can rightly say “I did it on my own!”

This is why it is possible to affirm that, to a great extent, learner drivers can teach themselves and design their own driving lessons.

Coaching in driver education is the result of a 3 years EU-funded project called HERMES which started in 2007 and was completed in 2010.Lately even the DSA is looking into this research as the way forward to modernize driver training.

DSA chief driving examiner Trevor Wedge said DSA has followed the work of HERMES closely for the past three years and we welcome the publication of its findings.Coaching offers the potential to develop self-responsibility and awareness in learner drivers at a very early stage during training.

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