Intensive Driving Course In Brighton

Polite notice: due to the overwhelming amount of requests for weekly lessons intensive courses will not be available until further notice.

At Brighton Marina Driving Lessons we are aware of the increasing popularity of intensive driving courses in Brighton ( also called “crash courses” ), however what is important is the suitability of such courses to your particular needs and circumstances.

In this page you will find useful information should you decide to give your training a faster pace.

Semi intensive driving course

This course consists of 6 to 10 hours a week and is designed for people who want to reach test standard in 5 to 8 weeks, learning to drive at an accelerated but still comfortable pace.
This course is actually the most popular because allows you to have some private practice to reinforce what you learn during lessons.
It also allows you some time for the new information to “sink in” without overloading your brain.

Intensive driving course

This course consists of 15 to 24 hours a week and is spread over 2 to 4 weeks.
Although they are becoming quite popular, these courses should not be considered as a shortcut to get your driving license but rather an alternative to consider when you cannot enroll on a traditional driver training due to your life circumstances or an impending deadline e.i. a job offer that requires a driving license.

These intensive driving courses Brighton do not have a fixed amount of hours because they need to be tailored to your needs.Once the number of lessons required is agreed, the course will be charged in accordance to the current intensive driving courses price list.

Is an intensive driving course right for you?

This will depend on how “intensively” you can cope with the driving task.Bearing in mind that even the most experienced drivers need some rest after 2 hours of driving, the best way to know is to have an¬†assessment session.
This will last 2 to 3 hours and will give you a good indication of your attention span’s limit.
Based on this assessment you will be given advice on which course is the most beneficial for you.

Some facts about intensive driving courses Brighton

First of all, intensive driving course does not mean intensive driving lesson. The lesson itself is not intensive and if something is not clear it should never be left behind.
What we are talking about is the pace at which driving lessons are taken.

If, say, you need 4 to 6 hours to successfully handle roundabouts, this time can be “compressed” in 2 to 3 days rather than 2 to 3 weeks if you take a weekly 2 hours lesson.

Some people benefit from this approach because they find it easier to recall information when they are still fresh avoiding memory fade, others need more time for the same info to be understood and assimilated.
A different approach could be having a “mini” intensive at the very beginning of your training to quickly get the hang of the controls followed by a more relaxed traidriving testning and a “booster” course as you are closer to your driving test.

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