Volvo launches new Cyclist Detector System in cars

The first driving lessons in Brighton city centre can be tough for the learner driver. Looking out for pedestrians crossing while keeping an eye on speed and the traffic are, at first, a bit daunting. On roads without cycle paths the cyclist is another road user it can take time to get used to watching out for. Recent statistics show that in Europe 50% of all cyclists killed in traffic collided with a car.


So new drivers might be interested to know Volvo have revealed new radar technology [] that automatically slams on the brakes when it detects a cyclist is about to wobble or swerve on the road if the driver does not notice them in time.


Due to launch in May, Volvo hopes that this new technology, called Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection with full auto brake, could help save saves and prevent injuries. The system flashes a line of red lights onto the windscreen and makes a sound to give the driver warning of the cyclist before the automatic braking system take effect.


The cyclist detector system features a radar scanner, which is fitted in the car grille. There is a camera that sits in front of the front rear view mirror and a computerised central control unit. The dual-mode radar is able to measure the distance from any suspicious object and the camera uses an electronic visual catalogue of images to identify the object as a push bike, motorbike or pedestrian all in the blink of an eye. It then continuously monitors the object and traffic situation.


If the system thinks the car is on a collision course it uses the warning system of lights and audio to alert the driver. If it deems it necessary it will then apply the brakes. This Volvo technology will also monitor other vehicles driving in the same lane.


Volvo’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Customer Service Doug Speck said: “As the leader in automotive safety, we have been first in the industry with all detection and auto brake technologies, from the first-generation brake support in 2006 to pedestrian detection with full auto brake in 2010.”


Volvo announced that the PCDwfab system will be made available in its V40, S60, V60, XC60, V70, XC70 and S80 models in May 2013.


Do you think a detector system will create safer roads for cyclists or would more cycle paths have a greater effect on the safety of cyclists?




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