Road users confused by road signs

Having trouble studying for your driving theory test? If it’s road signs you’re struggling to remember then you are not alone. According to a study carried out for the insurance company plenty of road users are “bamboozled” by road signs.

2000 people were polled by on road signs. The top 5 signs that people were confused by was the sign for No vehicles except bikes being pushed, with 93% guessing incorrectly. 83% didn’t recognise the No stopping during times shown except for as long as necessary to pick up passengers sign. A further 67% couldn’t identify the No Waiting sign and 61% weren’t sure of the No motor vehicles allowed sign. Only 49% understood the Appropriate traffic lanes junction ahead sign.

Nearly half of those surveyed reported that in the past they have been distracted by road signs when driving. Confusion over road signs has caused almost 30% of crashes, bumps or near misses among those polled and 81% of those involved in such incidents have spent up to £600 on car repairs.

As well as being confused by signs most of the 2000 motorists polled said they were irritated by road signs used for maintenance. 43% were most aggravated over maintenance signs that were left out for longer than they needed to be. Another 25% felt angry about signs that had been put in the wrong place.

36% of road users would support a revision of road signs because so many don’t make sense. 31% think they would benefit from road signs being revised because they currently find them too distracting and 37% think they simply clutter our roadsides.

Shaun Spiers, chief executive of Campaign to Protect Rural England, agrees with the 37%, commenting that: “Individual signs may be added with the best intentions but before long can sprout into a forest of clutter that degrades our countryside and distracts drivers.”

The Department of Transport recently announced that 9000 traffic signs had been removed from the roads in order to clear the streets of Britain. Patrick McLoughlin the Transport Secretary wants to encourage local authorities to take the department’s cue and follow suit, saying: “There are too many unnecessary signs blotting the landscapes of our towns and cities…That is why I have published new guidance, to help encourage local authorities to make old, confusing and ugly signs a thing of the past.”

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