How Are Lower Fuel Prices Affecting UK Drivers?

Hand holding fuel pump and refilling car at petrol stationThe best news in recent months for UK drivers has been the massive fall in petrol prices. Over the last two years we have seen the price of petrol rocket to almost £1.50 a litre and the economists have always had a very bleak view about future rises. But late last year we all held our breath as remarkably, the cost of fuel began to fall – to the point where we wait with baited breath as to whether it will actually break the £1 barrier.

The price fall has been good news for all businesses

The fuel cost reduction has hit the UK economy on all levels, in all industries and across the UK – not to mention learning to drive and actually affording to offer well-priced driving lessons here in Brighton. During the period when fuel prices were high (and also for other related reasons pertaining to the recession) the amount of people taking driving lessons fell. Now reduced fuel prices will undoubtedly lead to a situation where candidates can enjoy excellent prices for their driving instruction.

However, we want to make our drivers financially safe, as well as road-safe and as much as the overriding feeling is good, drivers need to be aware of all aspects of how the reduction in the fall in fuel prices will affect the UK driver.

More drivers on the roads

Where fuel prices have fallen it is important to note that insurance prices have increased according to The Telegraph. This link at first seems odd, but it relates to how the general public have responded to the price fall. Now drivers are feeling more financially secure they are making more journeys by car. They are taking longer journeys by car instead of alternative travel options as cost is more viable. They are also taking shorter journeys more. In order to cut down on fuel costs when prices were high people were likely to walk short distances rather than get the car out.

This all leads to the fact that there are more vehicles on the road and the natural progression from this is there are also more accidents. Because there are more accidents the insurance companies are paying out more and the cost of insurance has consequently increased.

But insurance is a little on its own in the overall scenario. It is quite clear, in the majority of cases, that the fall in fuel prices is definitely good news for the UK driver. As with all basic general marketing principals, when there is a need for a certain product, the cost will fall to meet the demand for that product (i.e. related car costs).

In the same way we are seeing a rise in the amount of customers coming to us for driving lessons here in Brighton simply because of the healthy economic outlook for UK drivers at the moment. Most of all we are happy to be able to continue our special offer for beginners: 6 hours for just £90!

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