Drunk learner driver writes off mother’s car

If you have recently booked your driving theory test you might want to out some more practice in than usual. Revising for your driving theory test. If you enjoy book-learning you might be happy to use one of the many theory revision books available. If you are a practical learner you might find you find new driving theory easier to remember as you drive in your lessons.

One learner driver who seems to find putting the theory into practice a great memory aid is 20 year old David Jeffrey of Roxburghshire.  Jeffrey made the unwise and dangerous decision coming home from a night out to take his mother’s car out for a practice run before his theory test.

The learner driver crashed through railings and into a wall after speeding over a roundabout at 3am in the morning. After the car then caught fire Jeffrey fled home where the police found him at 4.25am when they visited to inform his mother her car had been involved in an accident.

It was discovered that not only had Jeffrey been driving while uninsured in a vehicle taken without the owner’s consent and failed to stop and provide details after the accident but his alcohol reading was 48mcgs. 13 mcgs over the limit.

Jeffrey’s defending solicitor Iain Burke explained: “He said he wanted to take the car for a practice as he is a learner and was about to take his theory test…But he took out a fence and hit the wall.”

Jeffrey has been fined a total of £1,065 and disqualified from driving for 18 months. When he is able to take his practical test it has been ordered he take an extended test. At Selkirk Sheriff Court Sheriff Drummond told Jeffrey: “You not only put yourself at risk but the general public as well.”

Rather than taking such extreme and dangerous risks like Jeffrey, at Brighton Marina Driving Lessons we recommend you revise for your theory using Theory Test Pro. The online driving theory site can be found at www.theorytestpro.co.uk and is the most comprehensive website for theory test revision. It has an extensive question bank, short and long mock tests, 8 official video clips from the DSA and 31 original video clips to help you prepare for the hazard perception part of the theory test.

All Brighton Marina Driving Lesson pupils have free access to the site to help them revise for their theory in a safe and legal way…

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