Dealing with a traffic jam

With the Christmas and New Year holidays well behind and the schools back in full flow, we quickly notice a sense of normality as we see our days beginning once again with traffic jams.  It is a very sad fact that we can already predict our road networks and their inabilities to cope with the dreaded morning rush hour which leaves millions of drivers all over the UK stuck in one of many traffic jams on our mains roads and motorways.

OK the recent floods play a significant part but heavy rain is hardly an unusual start to the beginning of the year so our roads should be resilient enough to manage the many weather conditions that face us in the United Kingdom.

Another factor that contributes to heavy traffic jams is that our infrastructure is seriously lagging behind with the growth of the population.  Twenty years ago we would drive down our road to see one car per household but due to strains on the property market, increases in disposable income and other factors, each household has at least two cars.

A typical day:  Driving in a hurry

OK so you set out for your daily commute or maybe you have a doctor’s appointment, believing that you have left plenty of time to spare, but did you take time into consideration for that traffic jam?  As the road in front of you fills with bright lights as the cars in front of you are slamming their brakes on this can only mean one thing, the minutes are ticking away as your car grinds to a halt leaving you feeling more and more anxious.  If you are lucky you are able to run into work just in time or worse still you arrive at your doctors over half an hour late.

Car drivers all over the country have all been there, it can be highly frustrating especially when the roads are clogged with bumper to bumper traffic.  Have sympathy for those having driving lessons.  Unfortunately this daily tribulation that is experienced by millions of drivers is showing no signs of disappearing.

Solutions available to ease the pain

There are some simple solutions you can carry out that will help ease the burden of being stuck in a traffic jam when driving as well as using some of the skills you gained from your driving lessons.  Some of these need more preparation than others.

LISTEN TO AN AUDIO BOOK – If you have never tried listening to audio books, you might surprise yourself and love it.  The most popular novels are usually the best audio books too.  On a more practical side you can try and learn a new language.

CATCH UP WITH YOUR FRIENDS – While we don’t encourage you to use your mobile phone while on the move, if you have a hands free and are sitting for a long period of time then it is permissible.

LISTEN TO YOUR FAVOURITE RADIO STATION – Alternate between a music station and a all-talk station to stop you from being bored.  There is nothing better than listening to your favourite DJ on your morning commute to work.

Have a thought however for those carrying out driving lessons, Brighton and surrounding areas that face traffic jams day in, day out. To avoid being stuck in a traffic jam yourself, look for alternative routes if you can.  Otherwise be prepared.



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