Cheap driving lessons

There are plenty of things you can scrimp on, lots of ways to try to save money and economise. But if you see an offer for driving lessons that seems too good to be true – then it probably is.

When picking your driving school it might be tempting to simply decide on the cheapest. However this might turn out to be a false economy. In order to keep costs down driving instructors offering extremely cheap package deals might employ various money saving tactics that cost you more in the long run.

To keep costs down and lessons so competitively cheap some former driving pupils have reported their instructors offering lessons that are 45 minutes. In order to perfect a new manoeuvre, or indeed to travel from your point of pick up to a good place to practice driving, you will probably need more than 45 minutes.

Most lessons range from an hour to 2 hours in order to obtain a good amount of time on dual carriageways and high speed roads around Brighton, roundabouts or manoeuvres so that the pupil feels confident in their newly learned skill.

Another way to save on fuel costs and wear and tear of the car is to concentrate on the driving theory. You can learn from a driving theory book at your desk, at home, for free just as well as you might sitting in the car, with the engine switched off. While your instructor should be happy to answer any driving theory questions you might have, their presence as you study is not really required!

Go for the extremely cheap option and you might also find yourself driving your instructor to his next appointment! You will then be driven home by the next pupil on your instructor’s roster, a novice driver will probably find driving with an extra passenger distracting and unnerving. It isn’t illegal to do so, but many inexperienced learner drivers might find it uncomfortable.

If you can, find out about driving instructors who your friends and family recommend. Ask them about their lessons, how long it took them to learn and how much it cost. If you don’t know anyone learning to drive you can still look for a driving instructor who comes well recommended and has a good reputation with a little research online. Some driving schools have introductory offers that are both genuine and worth taking advantage of, but it is not a good idea to make your decision based on price alone.

It is worth investing in learning how to become a safe and confident driver rather than rushing to pass the test.

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