10 top reasons for failing the driving test

Driving in the UK seems to be in constant flux- it is changing all the time. There is so much more technology at our fingertips, the roads are much more congested, the cars we drive are much more powerful and there is a never ending bevy of new laws to keep up with. But amongst all of those changes one thing seems to remain constant: the reasons why people fail their driving test.

This is probably because there will always be fundamental skills and knowledge we need to attain an accepted standard. So let’s take a look at the top ten:


1.Keeping to the speed limit for those who are confident on the roads is often difficult.  There is often a desire to use the engine power to the full. Hence the term “boy racer”. For those who are a little more nervous with their skills there may be a tendency to drive too slow. Either way, failing to keep to the speed limit remains a very common reason for failing to pass the driving test.


2. That three-point-turn or “turn in the road” continues to frustrate many on their driving tests.  The key to this manoeuvre is good control of the car and good all round observation  throughout the process.


3. Interestingly, lack of adequate steering control is third on the list. This is more about adapting steering to the speed of the car (i.e. the tighter the turn, the slower the speed).


4. It may sound simple but reversing around a corner can cause all kinds of issues. For success here, the examiner will be looking out for good observations and keeping the car close to the kerb.


5. Car positioning on the road: At all times you need to be positioning the car correctly on the road. This also includes using road markings and signposts to get into the correct lane at the right time.


6. The most obvious and the most easily forgotten: proper use of signals. You need to be signalling in time so other road users are aware of your intentions.


7. Moving away safely: the driver needs to show that he/she is aware of other road users and goes through the correct procedure when pulling away. You need to be using mirrors and indicators appropriately as well as keeping the car under control as you move out. If you cause another car to brake or change direction this would be a reason for failing the test.


8. And yes, you should be using your mirrors appropriately throughout the whole of your journey. You need to show to the examiner that you are using your mirrors when you change speed, are changing direction and that you are acting appropriately on what you see.


9. Reverse parking is a well-known bug-bear. It is one of those manoeuvres that is a terrible trial until one day without warning it suddenly clicks.


10. Observation at junctions:  This is a real biggy and boils down to a lack of sufficient observations at junctions to enable them to emerge or turn into a new road safely. You must give priority where necessary and not cause anyone to change speed or direction. You must stop at stop signs to allow proper observations.


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